Advertise our Products! 

We pay you 10% for every sale you bring us, for every customer, forever.

Anyone can join, and advertising our Products is very easy! 

You can become one of our Affiliates and earn money even if you don't have a website. Our Products are easily sellable and will make you earn money automatically. 

You can become our Affiliate and earn money even if you don't have a VAT number. So you don't risk anything, you can't lose even a penny, you can only earn. 

Registration and participation in the Affiliation are 100% free. And they will always be. 

Here's what you'll get by becoming our Affiliate:


Maximum Commissions

We give you 10% on every sale, and will continue to give it to you on every subsequent customer purchase, forever. No one else can offer you so much.


Automatic Annuities

Earn money simply by posting on Facebook, Instagram etc. you will make money without having to work but simply post, creating real automatic income.


Vast Product Catalogue

Many low cost fashion products to resell. The Products are suitable for all Targets and are easily sellable.


Statistics and Affiliate Panel

Statistics of your earnings always updated, links, banners, tips and more to easily advertise your products and make you earn money immediately.


Prestigious products

Products made in Italy: everyone knows our Quality and therefore trusts us. Consequently, reselling them will make you earn money and give you prestige.


Marketing Tools

Links and Banners with your Affiliate Code ready to be used, Bonuses and Incentives, Tips to Optimize and skyrocket your Earnings.


Punctual Payments

We pay our Affiliates on time, upon reaching the €30 threshold. No delays, maximum seriousness to guarantee you the best possible experience.


Bonuses and Additional Earnings

With Affiliate Bonuses the more you sell and the more you earn. Our Win/Win Philosophy is to reward you and make you earn more and more, so you will be satisfied every day.

Who is the Stock Market and Real Estate Affiliation Program aimed at?

Our Affiliate Program is aimed at everyone, absolutely everyone: companies, associations, private individuals (even without VAT number and website). Simply promote and report our Products via Link or Banner. The Links, which you will find ready in your Affiliate Area, can be inserted into any container, for example:

  • Websites, blogs, forums.
  • Newsletter, Mailing List.
  • Social network.
  • Chat and Word of Mouth (spam is prohibited)
  • Email notifications to acquaintances, relatives and friends (spam and any form of advertising without the recipient's authorization are prohibited).
How does the Regina Store Affiliate Program work?

Earning with us is very simple:

  • You sign up for the Affiliate Program for free; you will immediately receive €5 as a welcome gift .  
  • Once registered, you will have an Affiliate Panel with links, banners, tips and other marketing tools to advertise our Products. 
  • Each link or banner contains your Personal Affiliate Code, so when a user clicks on that link or banner we know that user was referred by you.  
  • When this user purchases one or more Products on our site you will receive a 10% commission on each Product purchased . 
  • This is possible because a cookie will be installed on the user; so we will be able to pay you the commission. 
  • You will be able to check all the sales you have brought us in real time from your Affiliate Panel. This way you have maximum transparency with always updated statistics. 
  • You will be paid promptly when you reach €30, so you will receive all the money you have earned without any delay.
How much can I earn with the Affiliate Program?

It depends on your commitment; some Affiliates earn €50, others €1500 per month. It depends on the determination you put into achieving concrete, constant and long-lasting results in your work as an Affiliate. Although we cannot tell you how much you will earn, we can tell you that you will never spend a cent and that if you work hard you will get excellent results. You can only earn, it is a completely zero cost activity. So you have nothing to lose by becoming our Affiliate.

How can I see the sales I make? Do I have marketing tools available?

Once you are an Affiliate, you will have a Personal Panel with real-time statistics(or with a maximum delay of 15 minutes) where you can check all the sales (and related earnings) you have made at any time. This is to offer you maximum transparency.   

From the same Panel you can access the Marketing tools that we make available to you free of charge to increase your sales, personalized Links and Banners to advertise our Products, Affiliate Bonuses and incentives, and advice for optimizing your work and earnings. All free and accessible with one click.

How do you know for sure which sales I have brought you?

It's all very simple. This is how we manage to establish that a sale was made by you: as soon as the user arrives on our site via a link with your Personal Affiliate Code, the latter will receive a Cookie, containing your unique Affiliate Code. In this way, when the user purchases we are able to trace it back to you, and therefore pay you the commission. 

What are the technical characteristics of the Affiliation?

  • Cookie duration: 2 years. Other Affiliate programs usually last up to 90 days. We do not find this fair towards Affiliates, so we extend the duration of the Cookie to the maximum, in order to offer you the best conditions for working with us.
  • You can become our Affiliate even if you don't have a website;although having a site to advertise our Products produces greater earnings. 
  • Personal Statistics Panel in Real Time(or with a maximum delay of 15 minutes). So you can check at any time the sales you have generated, the bonuses and the earnings you will receive. 
  • Links, Banners, Marketing Tools and Advice; with the means we offer you, advertising our Products will be child's play and thanks to this you will be able to maximize your earnings.
  • The users you send to us who don't buy immediately are not lost:in fact, when they sign up to the newsletter we take care of advertising the Products to them, and you will still earn commissions on each of their orders. Consequently, if a user does not buy immediately he is not a lost user. Every user you send us can be an automatic earning opportunity, because we take care of everything, you just have to report as many users as possible to us. 
  • Affiliate Bonus:the more you sell, the more you earn. We'll give you €50 for every €500 you earn. And you can keep the commissions until you reach €500 to claim the Bonus!  
  • We'll give you €5 when you sign up:as soon as you become our Affiliate you'll instantly see a profit of €5 on your Affiliate Panel. It is our welcome gift, a real €5 which adds to the profits you will make by selling our Products. 
  • No exclusivity: you can advertise other products from other companies, you can earn through other affiliations (for example pay per click). And you can stop being our Affiliate at any time.
  • Punctual payments by the 20th of the month following the quarter; you will receive your earnings via PayPal.
How do Payments work? How and when will I get paid?

You will be paid every 3 months, by the 20th of the month following the quarter, upon reaching the €300 threshold. We are punctual, you will not be paid late. If you do not reach the €300 threshold, your commissions and accrued bonuses will not be lost; your earnings will be maintained until the threshold is reached in the following months. This way you don't lose a single euro, and you will earn on every Product sold.

You will receive each payment conveniently via PayPal, in your current account. Payment will take place upon presentation of a regular receipt or invoice (the latter if you have a VAT number).

At any time, or if you do not reach the payment threshold, if you wish, you can multiply your earned commissionsto download the Stock Market and Real Estate Wealth and Financial Education Products for free and instantly. This represents an excellent opportunity for you to train further and earn more and more.   

Do I have to have a VAT number if I want to become your Affiliate?

As far as the tax part is concerned, we take care of everything; in fact, for every sale you procure we will take care of the invoicing. Every time you are entitled to be paid you will only have to send us a receipt with your personal data and you will receive your commissions accrued via PayPal. If, however, you intend to carry out a continuous activity, such as opening your own e-commerce or online store, then contact your accountant to open your VAT number.

Is the Affiliate Program Free?

Yes, the Regina Store Affiliate Program is 100% Free, and always will be. This means you will never have to pay a penny to sign up and participate in our Program. You can only earn.

What are my obligations as an Affiliate?

We are only looking for serious, honest people who really want to work and earn with us. We don't want Affiliates who use tricks like SPAM or other unfair practices to make easy money. We do not want Affiliates who could damage the image and reputation of Borsa e Immobili in any way; we offer a lot, but we have strict rules that must be respected.

Why? Because we think that only with quality work by the Affiliate and by Regian Store can we achieve a Win/Win philosophy. We know that the more seriously Affiliates work, the more they earn, and the more they earn, the happier they are. And this is a win-win scenario for both sides.

If you think you are the honest and serious person we are looking for then sign up now to the best Affiliate Program on the network. You will understand why, thanks to the very high commissions and all the other features, our Affiliates are so satisfied.

Follow the simple procedure to immediately become our Affiliate (maximum duration of a few minutes):

1) If you are not yet registered, sign up for free to REGINA STORE by filling out the silver form on the left (if you are already registered, clicking on the link will take you to your Personal Area, or if the platform asks you for your personal data, enter them in the gold-colored form on right). 2) Request Affiliation with Regina Store . 3) Once the request has been sent, it must be examined by our staff. You will shortly receive an email informing you whether you have become our Affiliate or not, and instructions on how to immediately start advertising our Products and earning money. You will have full access to your Affiliate Panel with Statistics, Links, Banners and everything else.       



If you need clarification or help contact us . Good luck and lots of earnings!